JQ's Eastside 10K Run Pledge Page for DEWC

Last year, I ran the Eastside 10K for the first time.   It was a fun run to do, with much encouragement and cheer from the people living along the route and wonderful volunteers.   It was also an eye opening run, as the route goes through Canada's poorest neighborhood, with several homeless shelters, drop-in and emergency shelters and tent city parks along its path.   This area has a high incidence of poverty, crime, sex trade and violence.  Vancouver has the most expensive and luxurious real estate in Canada, but all you need is to cross a line or a street and you are in the poorest postal code in North America. 

This year I am running the same Eastside 10K route, but this year I am raising funds for the DEWC Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. This is a drop in and emergency shelter for homeless women or women at risk of violence. This shelter is looking for both financial and donations in kind such as toiletries. Any amount would help, and Thank you for your financial support of the DEWC.

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