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24 Hours of Summer Solstice 2013

To register for the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice select an option below.

If you are creating a team, this year there are two team payment options:

EASY Team Full Payment - Team Captain pays in full and can make roster changes/updates. Come back to make roster updates at any time.


Build Team, but have participants pay individually - Have individuals pay separately, it will cost $5 more per person and there are a few more steps, but teams will have until May 23 to have their roster fully updated and paid in full. The team captain pays first (and has the option to pay for additional team participants) and invites team mates to register for his team.

Already registered your team?
Edit or manage your team here: Team Management

Registration for New Teams of Solos is Sold Out!

If you are trying to join an existing team:

- If the team is public, the you can click on the Join a Team button to find the team and register. If you can't find the team on the team join page, it is likely private.

- If the team is private, the team captain must send you an invite link to complete your registration.