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The goal of AV Youth is to educate youth and those who have the ability to influence youth such as, teachers, mentors, sports coaches, guidance counsellors, parents, etc. in the many aspects of violence awareness, including but not limited to:

• conflict resolution

• negotiation

• mediation

• anger management

• stress management

• de-escalation of violence

• fear management (those afraid to ask for help)

• empathy

• self-esteem

• early signs of violence

AV Youth will provide the proper tools, techniques and life skills for youth to be able to access and use in their everyday lives. We will accomplish these goals by providing educational materials and through the use of public service announcements from celebrities such as music artists, professional athletes, actors and more. We will also use YouTube Videos, social media campaigns, podcasts with public and private agencies, etc.

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$175.00 CADLisa Lallouz Author Miss Bonita and Friends sharing our time , money , love , our stories of struggle empowers our children
$1000.00 CADTerry CoughlinSaving the world is a lofty ambition but the most important one in the world!
$25.00 CADLouise JacksonLet’s change the world together.
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