Kiss-Off Cancer for my mom and many others.    

My mom has been battling cancer for the last 10 years. Her cancer is likely caused by her 10 years of moderate smoking. Although many people are quick to judge smokers, when my mom started smoking she had no idea of the danger. You might think that in the world of "information" that we live in today that all of the risks of a product would be listed on the label or easy to find. That is not the case. Many companies market the benefits of their products without ever disclosing the risks. Prevent Cancer Now works diligently to expose these companies and to lobby government to regulate these industries and to stop their degradation of the environment which essentially affects each and every one of us. My mom is a trooper and always lives her life with her glass half full. She continues this outlook as her cancer makes gains on he body. It is for her and others in my life that have been affected by cancer that I take on this fundraiser and hope to bring awareness to others about what we CAN do about cancer.

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$100.00 CADThe SutherlandsThis is for Papa who is fighting the fight of his life right now
$250.00 CADRob WrightI agree with Tom
$250.00 CADTom dovgalagood luck to all who eat my sisyers food.
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