Prevention is the Cure!    

My sister, Dagmar, is my reason this year. While I have always believed in prevention, cancer has hit home once again, with my sister's diagnosis with lung cancer in October. Dagmar was healthy, athletic and happy. She has an infectious exuberance for life, which was going oh-so-well. Her travel business was booming, her two daughters were doing well in college, and her husband was the love of her life. Like the rest of our family, she led a very healthy life. So why Dagmar? A growing number of young, non-smoking women are getting lung cancer. Why? It seems to be a mystery. Radon, a naturally occurring chemical that seeps from the earth, is one cause, but that only accounts for 16% of lung cancer deaths. Because lung cancer has always been known as the “smokers’ cancer”, very little research has gone into other potential causes. Like prevention in general, very little research goes into why people are getting cancer at younger and younger ages. The reason I joined Prevent Cancer Now 7 ½ years ago was to try to get to the root of cancer. People tend to donate to finding “the cure”. We fund research projects, build new wings of hospitals, and endlessly run, walk, swim and even grow moustaches – all in the quest for a cure for cancer. PREVENTION IS THE CURE! In one way or another, we can all start working to prevent cancer today. Please don’t wait until you or someone you love is suffering from cancer treatment. There are things you can do today to protect yourself. And there are things we can all work towards for tomorrow, where prevention is the logical and first line of attack on any disease. This year, I missed the Kiss-Off Cancer Cook-Off. I was in Montreal, at my sister’s bedside, thinking about the world I want to see in the future, a world where we all consider what we are doing to ourselves and the earth, and where cancer is a rare, if still frightful, occurrence. Please help me see that vision become a reality by supporting Prevent Cancer Now with a donation. Thank you so much for your faith in prevention!

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$50.00 CADJennifer AjerschWishing you all the best during this difficult time, Dagmar. Diana, keep bounding forth with your efforts and commitment towards PCN. Big hug to you both
$50.00 CADEvelyn and GordThank you for doing this important work.
$25.00 CADLynda and Rob RamsayYou are in our hearts Dagmar!
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