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If you are reading this page you may understand that the Fresh Water we all take for granted does come to all that turns on a tap in our homes. For many in the world fresh water is a rare commodity. Abbotsford Run For Water and Hope International are trying to do something about that problem. By Fundraising and Participating in a 56 km. Ultra Marathon I will be making a small effort to give back. This is my second Ultra Marathon for this cause and I do believe it to be a worthy one. I would ask that you sponsor me and help me get to my Fundraising Goal of $1500. Thanks Kristine.

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$50.00 CADStan & Hellen Por & Family.Have a great run !
$100.00 CADWayne Bersch--
$35.00 CADWalter Poh --
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Raised: $880.00

Goal: $1,500.00

59% raised