Katina Half-Marathons for Water!

When I found out that Run for Water takes place in my hometown of Abbotsford, B.C., I knew I had to participate in it - even if it meant that I have just about 60 days to get back into half-marathon running shape! Run for Water raises money in partnership with HOPE International Development Agency, a Canadian-based NGO that is doing great work in the small village of Chosa, in southern Ethiopia. One in every five children in this region die before the age of five due to lack of access to safe drinking water. By building water systems and providing educational tools, HOPE International aims to provide access to safe drinking water for the 70,000 to 160,000 residents of Chosa. It takes just $35 to provide a person with clean water for life! Please support my Run for Water by donating today. If it means sacrificing your $5 macchiato for one day, it would mean everything to me! Cheers, Katina
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