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In July, 2013, Dimitri and I traveled deep into the hills surrounding Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia to visit the villages being served by Run for Water's partner, Hope International Development. We saw first hand the effect clean water has had on these remote villages and the schools and medical clinics, and the taps right in the village of Dembele Otoro, Ethiopia. The girl in my photo had just filled her jug with fresh, clean water when I took her picture. We also saw those still needing our help- the scores of women and girls walking with heavy jerry cans on their backs for miles along rocky, muddy roads. We saw them getting dirty water from muddy streams, where cows were drinking and pooping in the water as well. This is why we support this cause wholeheartedly! We've seen it with our own eyes! Please help Run for Water to bring water to Ethiopia, the country of our daughter Blayne's birth. It's an amazing country and they deserve clean water and all the positive things that come with it!

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