Edwin Palsma

For the last number of years, I’ve raised money for Big Brothers Big Sisters through our annual bowling campaign. This year, I’m going to raise money for a different cause, one that is just as worthy of support.

Run for Water is an Abbotsford based charity run that raises money for building water wells in Ethiopia. I have had a few close friends visit there and see firsthand the tremendous difference that a nearby water well makes. For instance, girls have more time for school because they don’t have to haul water from a well 3km away. It also reduces the risk of villagers catching deadly diseases from infected water. And all for something that we so easily take for granted here in Canada.

As part of the fundraising, I’ve decided to do something a little crazy – run an ultra marathon. What is an ultra marathon? Basically anything over 42 km and in this case it will be somewhere between 50-55km. I’ve done 10Ks and a half marathon so why not jump up to the big leagues, skip the marathon and just go ultra. For those that know me, I love challenges and this is a pretty big one. I’ve never run over 21km in my life so this will be hard. I’m pretty fit, but I know this will still kick my ass.

For the privilege of participating in the ultra marathon, I need to raise over $1,500, but my goal is $2,000. What I’m asking is that you consider sponsoring me for between $20 and $200 (or more if you so choose).

Thank you so much for your support.

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