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Ok here I go again!! I'm planning on doing the full marathon this year.. This time fully aware of how really challenging it is for me! I think last year I just played ignorant as to how hard it was going to be and focussed on why I was doing it! I finished last year and all the way through the course it was a mind game ,what really got me through was the pink of team Finn and all the support, also the thought that I didn't want to let anyone down who had sponsored me to do it, I cried laughed and went through so many emotions that I didn't even know I had! It was a very interesting first marathon start as all of you that know me heard! Hopefully it's not gonna be such a 💩💩 experience .... I will be VERY wary of the porta Pottys this time!!! Please if your able to donate to such an amazing family like the finnsters please click on the link and donate to my page... Thank you so much Karen

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$25.00 CADPam & John CrowleyWay to go Karen. Have a great run! We'll be cheering for you.
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